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The Art Of Care Studies in Healing  Registration Form:

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Basics in Healing - 1 day course: $175 (Deposit $75) 

Advanced Energetic Studies - 2 day courses: $315 (Deposit $75) 

Advanced: Retreats in the Sacred Art of Healing - 3 day Retreat: $425 (Deposit $125)
- Plus Room & Board fees to Retreat Center

Full-time Student tuition $100 discount Amount enclosed $ ____________

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Deborah Larrimore, RN, BSN, CHTP/I, LMBT (#270) 

Website: www.deborahlarrimore.com

The Art Of Care/

Healing Beyond Borders

Healing Touch Class Information:

Is Healing Touch for You?

  • Registered nurses 
  • Health care professionals
  • Body-oriented therapists
  • Psychotherapists 
  • Licensed health care professionals and individuals 
  • Those who desire to study energy therapy with a commitment to help others

Class Descriptions:

Level 1 Course Tuition - $360

This Class

  • Acknowledges previous learning 
  • Further develops concepts and skills in energy based therapy 
  • Requires a strong commitment to personal growth

You will be Learning

  • Energy system concepts related to health 
  • Basics and assessment of the energy system – energy field and energy center and functions
  • Meditation for centering and maintaining energetic flow 
  • Principles and practice of Healing Touch for personal and professional use 
  • Multiple specific energy healing techniques 
  • Principles of self-healing
  • Personal development as a healer
  • Legal and professional aspects of touch therapies, Ethical Conduct and Standards of practice, and integrity in Healing Touch

Level 2 Course Tuition - $360

  • Prerequisite – HT Level 1 
  • Increases the breadth and depth following the completion ofHealing Touch Level 1
  • Creates a one hour healing sequence 
  • Emphasizes experiential learning and developing healing sequences for specific client needs

You will be Learning

  • Review of techniques from HT Level 1
  • From each other by sharing experience of practicing Level 1 techniques
  • Application of techniques in clinical settings
  • Assessment process: interviewing skills, recording observations, documentation 
  • Principles of self-healing
  • One hour Healing Sequence
  • Back techniques
  • Additional healing techniques

Level 3 Course Tuition - $360

  • Prerequisite – HT Levels 1 and 2
  • Provides in-depth skills in Healing Touch Development of Higher Sense Perception,
  • Sequencing of healing techniques,
  • Working with guidance,
  • Self-healing and self- development.

You will be Learning

  • Advanced development of the healer
  • Need for self care in becoming a healer
  • Healing philosophies of Barbara Brennan and other healers
  • Practice Hara Alignment Meditation
  • Full healing sequence including: chelation of the first four levels of the field, spinal cleansing, healing 5th, 6th, and 7th levels of the subtle body. 
  • Techniques, Chelation, Etheric Template Clearing and Lymphatic Drain, Back Techniques 
  • Roles of practitioner, client, observer/coach 
  • Advanced healing of the human energy system. 
  • Development of Higher Sense Perception

Level 4 Course Tuition - $485

  • Prerequisite – HT Levels 1, 2, and 3
  • Prepares for becoming a Healing Touch Practitioner and establishing a practice or incorporating into existing work.

You will be Learning

  • Development of a professional healing practice 
  • Sequencing of five private client sessions, intake, three treatment sessions with mutual goals, evaluation and discharge planning with full documentation , recognizing energy patterns
  • Learning the case study process
  • Defining a Scope of Practice
  • Healer practice guidelines
  • Selecting a mentor: goals and roles
  • Journaling as a tool for self-enhancement 
  • Developing a reading program 
  • Full Body Connection ,Etheric Vitality 
  • Meditation
  • Initiation of a practicum (Documentation of 100 client sessions)

Level 5 Course Tuition - $485

  • Prerequisites– HT Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Focuses on completion of Level 4 practicum.

You will be Learning

  • Issues forum including establishing a HT practice and financial concerns
  • Development as a healer
  • Healing Touch case study presentation 
  • Professional profile notebook presentation 
  • Documentation of 100 client sessions
  • Documentation of 10 healing sessions 
  • Report of apprenticeship/mentorship process
  • Presentation of resume
  • Discussion of required reading
  • Community & networking activities
  • Group healing exchanges
  • Healing Touch research studies
  • Standards of Practice/Code of Ethics 
  • Healing Touch Certification process


OFFICE: 336-777-0680

EMAIL: HTOFTHECAROLINAS@ME.COM                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Deborah Larrimore, BSN, RN, International Healing Touch Instructor with Healing Beyond Borders

Healing Touch of the Carolinas  PO Box 573 Lewisville, NC 27023

Local Website: http://www.deborahlarrimore.com

International Website: www.HealingBeyondBorders.org