To know where we're headed we have to honor from where we came.


Healing Touch & Janet Mentgen 

Healing Touch is a nurturing therapy in which gentle touch is used to balance the human energy system, promoting health, wholeness and well-being.

Janet Mentgen developed the Healing Touch curriculum into a certificate program in 1990. She gathered the teachings of many healers, (including her own) into a course of study. I had the opportunity and privilege to both know and study this curriculum alongside Janet for nearly 15 years. She was my teacher throughout the entire course of study, and once I became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Janet continued to guide me through becoming an Instructor in Healing Touch.

Upon her death, Janet imparted to each of us the passion to grow her legacy and to go beyond her vision, taking healing into the world. 

It has been my honor to walk in her footsteps, and stand upon her shoulders. And as I journey I carry forth her teachings.

Janet said to me:

Nothing is exact but all is in Divine order.

 Be Authentic.

 Be Real.

 Be Truthful.

 Walk your talk.

 Be Peace.

Healing Touch came from Spirit. We are wise to follow that Spirit.

People who carry that Spirit will be Healing Touch.”

As I walk this earth, I carry forth not only these teachings -but even more so the Spirit of this work, encouraging and inspiring others to do the same. 

May we continue to be inspired by Janet’s vision and her legacy as we reach into the future of our own.